Diamond output from pieces of the asteroid falling from the lost planet


Swiss scientists undertook an exploration is still interesting. Switzerland’s EPFL University scientists, Suda in the Nubian desert on falling 2008 TC3 asteroid named in pieces that billions of years ago, lost on a planet they think might have occurred found the diamonds.

Diamond output lost from parts of the planet

The Nubian desert in Sudan in 2008, explosively, spread over an area of approximately 50 parts of 37 kilometers of the asteroid , in part to review gathered. Swiss scientists of diamonds extracted in the world according to 58 percent at a rate of more rigid the diamonds found in the remains of the world’s diamonds, which is the same as the content of a newly discovered situation. The diamonds found in meteorites from space because previously, it was not known that contained residues of the world’s diamonds are the same. According to the measurements, at least on a planet mercury or Mars as big as these diamonds may have occurred. Diamonds, it is unknown what planet they may have come from. This planet billions of years ago is believed to have broken into pieces.Of course, our mind immediately at the jewelry store if bozdursam what’s it worth? as it sounds like a question, by examining the formation of diamonds by Swiss scientists about the world, considering the missing pieces of the puzzle to complete. Details of relevant research can be found here.

Kayıp gezegenden düşen asteroid parçalarından elmas çıktı