Devil May Cry 5 has been officially announced, and published a new video


The best of the world video game hack ‘ n ‘ slash, which is one of the series Devil May Cry‘announced in the fifth game. After the last game the fifth game in the past few weeks and eagerly await the rumored DmC fans, the future of the game was quite glad to be fifth. We know from the fourth game as the main character Nero‘yu said, which was probably in the fifth game to give our control and our old friend Dante‘we will be able to control it all.

Devil May Cry 5 announced

On the side of the new game’s story will tell you what the worry that we wonder how he can be at the boss fight. In addition to all these, the game on any platform-will not be specific. First Xbox One and PlayStation 4 The game will come to the platform described later, the PC will come to the platform.

Finally, the game developed by Capcom note. Previous game who entrusted to a Western developer Capcom, in the sense of the functioning of the main characters and the scenario had failed to delight fans. This time, however, the game developers of Capcom, who Own the director’s chair, Hideaki Itsuno‘yu they sat me. On the other hand, the new video from the game that it takes to change the music it was obvious. Developers are now completely metal music instead of the dubstep music in the game also will be included.