Developers are issued an encrypted message via Twitter Anthem


Destiny striking similarity to the series, however, any resemblance to the games allegedly Destiny Anthem issued a message of interest about the Developer Team. Twitter via Decoding, namely, decoding the meaning in Turkish, this message does not indicate exactly what this means. If you made a Twitter account for sharing where you are for a full year was not used. EA Games team, after a year of discarding this message, the account is re-enact.

How Anthem will be a game?




— Anthem (@game anthem) 30 May 2018

E3 2018 let’s developers about where the final game will be shown at the fair? The recently released video game story, graphics and gameplay mechanics that gives information about BioWare‘s scenario, in the sense of to please the players is expected. Old the Mass Effect trilogy, revealing extremely hopeful players from developers, including the developer group.

Also a recent Description with the producers, they told me that if we want to we could play the game alone. So therefore I can imagine that scenario could be stronger on the side of the game. All this in addition to the graphs that are shown in the first video posted in the past that would not live in any of the information that was given.