Dev update PUBG for mobile has arrived!


The face of the game changed and the mobile version to bring it closer to the original game after performing this update, the tasks of the next event. The tasks of this activity in the game much more easily thanks to BP we will be able to butcher.

Another good feature is a fast part of the update team. In this way, you will soon PUBG mobile players will be able to easily create team. The only thing you need to do is escort your next 6-digit digital code to enter when they do, it will automatically enter your team.

Innovation in some other language chat channels . The reason for this is Season 2so you can collect each new level you reach allows you to easily reap the rewards of in. You can buy a costume or just on a market that is opened on this channel you can view it. Also found here is the secret stash you can see the products on offer through.

For mobile on iOS and Android PUBG approximately 700 MBof space remember.

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