Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Game Guide


Unofficial guide to divided Deus Ex: Includes the information needed to finish mankind, and to discover the full contents. The guide focuses on the most important items of the game on the first pages of the game, including the augmentations that can be used along with the related suggestions for the purpose of acquiring them, according to the Human Revolution, and how they perceive the successes of the items.

The guide mostly focuses on the road game to be followed extensively. This section contains very detailed descriptions of all main and side tasks. Task descriptions contain a variety of ways to reach relevant areas and have various decisions and their consequences. The path to be traced includes all high-quality maps of primary and secondary locations. Subsequent maps, among others, contain valuable items and important placemarks or landmarks. The last pages of the guide include information about various comparisons, dealer or eBook locations.


Split Deus Ex: Humanity 2011 game Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a direct continuation. The plot of the new episode takes place in 2029, and Adam Jensen will once again solve a global intrigue, while visiting the futuristic cities in the main character in the process (eg Prague). The new game emphasizes research freedom, bringing together a kind of action game and RPG following the pattern from before, and choosing your own approach to the game.


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