Detroit has been under construction for 4 years finally completed


Sony‘s PlayStation 4 , which is the next important move for Detroit: human become new news keep coming. Finally the game has reached gold status for 4 years, which is in the development stage, and so announced the completion of the construction. The production team comes from the game after the ending, which is called as gold and is being sent to the factory to enter into production.

4 yıldır yapım aşamasında olan Detroit nihayet tamamlandı

Detroit: human become the demo came out

The completion of the construction of the game, as well as of the demo it must be noted that also published. The news that emerged yesterday New Zealand first appeared on the demo of the game in PSN, and afterwards it was announced that will appear in other countries. In the morning hours of the game this is the demo on the PSN Turkey in other countries, including appeared. This demo of the game about 40, 45 mins of gameplay it provides.

Detroit become human‘who support their investigations the detectives Connor, who settled in my position as the leader of the Android revolution Markus and housework, small children, which is obliged to take care of the Blackwe are going to witness the story of one. We manage this by focusing on 3 different characters and their stories : Detroit become human, 25 May will be released in 2018.