Detroit: Become Human


What was the biggest success we have attempted so far? The discovery of the wheel? Find this article? Agriculture? We generate the plane? Or step on the moon? The answer to this question may change from person to person, but always human beings that can produce most complicated and most success will continue to count complicated things. Well, like a human being is a creature that has an infinite complexity can be produced? To produce a wrong word, can’t be imitated? Maybe one day we can say, but the real question is after you perform this, will be planted across. Look like us, us like-minded entity with us spouse? That’s how serious we’re looking for an answer to a question in the future that awaits us, Quantic dream’s last game, Detroit: human become.

The construction of the game world for more than 20 years of serious cinematic in the sense that was given to us has taken a turn to say that is not wrong. This current series, which started with Call Of Duty, continues to show itself in almost all games today. Us games now just for fun, to kill time entertainment as tools, not philosophies but the fact that they tell stories to think with, to question push. Quantic Dream is one of the developers who care most about the story in their productions. Fahrenheit, heavy rain and beyond: two souls proves successful with his productions, like Studio, storytelling and delivering options to the player is carrying the flag. However, as successful results in past games, although they do reveal their potential to the best of my Detroit: specify that it will not be wrong to become human. Why? The bride let me try to give you an answer.

Detroit: Become Human

Firstly, your No spoiler review I won’t spoil the thrill of the game, I will say that you can read the full article with peace of mind. Fore play almost entirely with the story, although it is difficult to review without spoilers from the story, the corruption can affect the whole experience like Detroit in a production of surprises. However, the main topic of the story I want to tell you briefly. Detroit: to become human, it takes place in the near future. People no longer jumped CAG technologically, artificial intelligence touches every area of our lives now, even to us, and even we are in a time where they are even difficult to distinguish it from the US.

This artificial intelligence robots Android distant for us in Detroit for lack of a term is called. So advanced androids, factories, roads, workplaces, homes, exploitation. Overall the androids of society sees it as a working machine for themselves. Most of the time despised, pushed, despite some events in these assets as a result of developing their own consciousness manages to win. As a matter of fact, than to gain their own consciousness, they took a situation that already exists inside their heads that they were free to hang and we can specify the bars. After this I can describe the events we experience.

“Artificial intelligence or the best thing that happened to humanity or it will be the worst thing.” – Elon Musk

Detroit: after an introduction to the topic of the next section become human through the eyes of the entire Android we’re playing. Their liberation efforts, their struggles to overcome the bars in their own minds, choices, one-to-one we can experience. But what we can control, even though we know the androids throughout the game, you can empathise with the robots during the time we spent in the game. But here’s an interesting situation. Hard to put into sentences, though I’ll try.