Detroit: become human, Quantic dream’s most successful game


Last month, departing Detroit: become human, looks like Quantic dream’s face made her laugh. Detroit: become human, it was Quantic dream’s best breakout game.

Detroit: become human, it was Quantic dream’s best breakout game

According to the information from Quantic Dream, Detroit: output to become human during the week, Quantic dream’s games are all among the most successful the game was. Quantic Dream Guillaume de fondaumiere a formal description of the knowledge that employees have shared on Twitter and sales data are not yet. For this reason, we can’t compare it with other games Quantic dream first week sales. Production company previous games Fahrenheit: Indigo prophecy and heavy rain, quite loved by the players, the producer of the company and one other game Beyond: two souls with Quantic dream’s had not been received by players compared to other games.

The PlayStation 4 , developed for Detroit: to become Human, the technology of the future in Detroit, the city goes. Black, Markus, we checked three different android game named Connor, many alternative choices of the game and the player’s end with the final effect comes to the fore.

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