Destiny expansion pack 2 September will be introduced next week


The month of September destiny 2 is a very important month. September will enter the month of Destiny 2 in the second year. The month of September that will come in the expansion pack with new content to the game, new equipment, personalization, new game modes, new content and many improvements as well as future changes to the weapons slots is expected to arrive.

Destiny expansion content will be introduced next week 2 of the month of September

Destiny 2 intends to continue to expand it seems. In the month of September, which will enter the second year of the expansion in output is expected to be introduced next to the game next week. Bungie destiny 2, which will come in to do a live broadcast with the event of the introduction of the new expansion pack. By bungee to a statement , according September the new expansion pack with some very big ideas about their lifestyle and hobbies of the guards by saying We have caused to awaken the curiosity of the players. To be done live, Scott Taylor and Steve cotton, Director of project leader will take place in destiny 2. Future content updates and expansion packs with new information that will be shared Bungie twitch broadcast over the channel on June 5 will be held. The link to the live broadcast can be found here