Designed by uber when flying Taxi will be in heaven?


Especially 80s and 90s of children in the 2000s the flying cars we ride about almost he took it for granted! Back to the future with the jetsons flying cars yet ride the growing generation with the film, but apparently the dream of flying cars for future generations.

Uber was planning to use that traffic in 2020 will put an end to the trouble of flying cars

In our country, many Uber users in recent months, the cabbie fights with was on the agenda. However, the world Uber the agenda, we can’t say that bears many similarities with ours. Recently Uber was planning to use that for 2020 flying car prototype made a presentation. Vertically able to get up and down, resembling a propeller is actually very Drone flying taxi will run on electricity and quite compared to a helicopter will be quiet. According to the statements of the CEO of Dara Dara uber khosrowshahi, uber flying taxi, Uber using the app can be called, and the nearest sky to stop the landing. Go to the roof of the surrounding buildings and flying taxis, passengers will be able to ride. Passengers flying, which can be shared by up to four people in the taxi, so the fee can also divide up among themselves. Uber to design a flying taxi, you can browse to the following video