Design the cover of a horror game Call of Cthulhu appeared to


Blood Bowl, Styx: Master of Shadows we know from games like cyanide Studio‘s,developed by Focus Interactive‘s which will definitely delivering, horror, thriller game Call of Cthulhu‘s, PlayStation 4 and Xbox one to design the cover of the box appeared.

The myth of Cthulhu in a new look

H. p Lovecraft‘s Cthulhu cult Call of artifacts (kutulu of Call), inspired by the game Edward Pierce named an experienced detective to check. Near Boston Massachusetts Darkwather who lives in a mansion on the island of Hawking’s parents we will investigate the tragic death of the game, it’s set in 1920s America.Completely mysterious and dark theme of the game, RPG elements will be at the forefront of research and pretty. The release date of the game is expected in this year that is not shared yet. Call of Cthulhu PlayStation 4, Xbox one and PC is being developed.

H. p Lovecraft is a master of horror literature thriller’ created the myth of Cthulhu, the Cthulhu universe, after Lovecraft’s death, over the years many movies, series, books, and the game had been a source of inspiration. 24 October 2005 the call of Cthulhu dark corners of the earth, the universe created by H. p Lovecraft has garnered considerable acclaim quite well with reflect.

Korku oyunu Call of Cthulhu'nun kapak tasarımı ortaya çıktıKorku oyunu Call of Cthulhu'nun kapak tasarımı ortaya çıktı