Descent shooter game from the makers of the new tunnel: Overload


Maniac PC games in time if you’re fond of the robot and at the same time, your options were actually few, but it was in the existing options and quality. In between these games , the descent, the robot is looking to the games from a different angle and flight, and had managed to keep players an unprecedented experience. “Tunnel Shooter” called this type of as the name suggests, attack your enemies with your spaceship flying in a tunnel and you’d jump to parts section. Descent producer, Interplay, apparently already quit the company, but still the people in the gaming industry. Previously, Saints Row, Red Faction , and Alter Echo like in a tunnel shooter game with a new legendary staff that have worked with Productions is returning.

Overload this new game, a game of Descent, it looks a lot like the previous three. From the cockpit you can return to where we want to be our tool that we manage and we are able to enter a war with our enemies in narrow tunnels. Of course it doesn’t just stop there, the team online game modes, fast gameplay, new content and mechanics, and robot section their more than twenty a lot of modifications such as add-in offers players overloads.

Overload, 2018 May 31 on PC (Windows, Mac, and Linux) will be released on the platform. From below you can watch the trailer of the production.