Delayed crackdown 3 confirmed by Microsoft


Four years ago at E3 2014 , players fair against Crackdown the new game of the series, Crackdown 3, almost snake returned to the story. Microsoft repeatedly delayed the game, the game is described by 2019 according to the information that will be released in the month of February of the year. Crackdown 3 Xbox One indicating revolutionize the platform, Microsoft’s advertising efforts seem to devote more time to the game. The postponement has already undermined the prestige of the game, because some players have even forgotten. Microsoft game sales, which is estimated to be financially damaging in the sense that we wonder whether it will be successful.

Crackdown 3 Xbox one owners eagerly waiting for delayed unfortunately, it’s official

If the game is delayed rumors that were previously circulating on the internet. Microsoft made an official statement to the curiosity of the players by listening to these rumours and was satisfied. E3 2018 , which are expected to be shown at the fair, the new game of innovation in the sense that we wonder what she is doing.

Players often have the ideas, according to the games in support of Microsoft for this reason, space bound‘u cancel and the thieves of the sea‘s launch caused. Let’s Play Will be postponed again until the month of February? Together we will see.