Death before new information was leaked from E3 stranding


Stranding Death‘s multiplayer mode and battle system , new information was leaked about. What will be the dynamics of the gameplay stranding death? Avoid giving too much information about a new game from hideo Kojima. Usually she’s trying to excite the players by throwing mysterious tweets through Twitter.

How Stranding Death will be a game?

The E3 Expo will be introduced or information about the games that will be announced in advance of the leak, you will be introduced to, or even in situations such as the showing of videos, E3 Expo has become a tradition. This time a leak of the news hideo Kojima‘s new stranding game death came from. According to information leaked into the virtual environment, Death stranding many different weapon types, tools, devices, and armor will be found. In the game of the variety of weapons would be pretty much even. Single shot pellet rifle, energy sword, and a wide range of varieties is said to be a gun. Rumor has it the player is located where the “specific time periods” if he dies, then run my tongue forever is closing. The main character of the game, Sam carries on together with all the stuff in the ocean ends up in the bottom. Accidental conflicts on the time line the player with another player if two player can become impossible to get into a battle. Let’s see how this information will come. After the presentation at E3 will have question marks in the heads stranding death?

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