Deadpool, the video of Hugh Jackman’s celebration sabotaged


As you know, Deadpool 2’S representation, we are under weakness and in this period of almost 1 month into Ryan Reynolds blank it doesn’t look like it’s stopping. Finally, the greatest Showman in the movie we come across, and exhibits a good performance from Hugh Jackman, released a video via your own social media account. This video was shot on the stamp, of course,” Deadpool .

Deadpool, Hugh Jackman’s video sabotaged

Who started the video as a birthday message for Hugh Jackman‘s lying on the bed behind Wade Wilson‘I mean deadpool we see. Hugh Jackman‘s The greatest Showman in the movie now that we have the opportunity to listen to the ten songs from the voice of Deadpool, at the same time, the message of this celebration, therefore, manages to sabotage the video. Jackman says, ” don’t pay any attention to him even though the Battle of the duo, although, as always, continued.

I wish Wolverine is the new Deadpool‘u erissey we have a chance to see the same movie more than once. I know X – Men origins: Wolverine they were with, but I want to erase that movie from my memory. It would be nice to see the two together in the same project, right?