De Los Santos this time, Thanos is coming to make trouble


Thanos his head this time De Los Santos was the team. GTA 5‘s output over the years that have passed, but still its popularity is a game that retains. The game GTA of PC users are eagerly to output to the console then the PC will exit to the platform and waited for the date. One of the reasons for this impatience of GTA on the PC can be modlanab we can say that.

Game GTA 5 Mode adds thanos

Thanks to countless over the years to changing the face quite modcular Grand Theft Auto mod was. 4K graphics mode, Ironman mode, from the Hulk mod as many as the green Goblin, he turned it into GTA 5 it almost a different game. Many Marvel characters who brought you into the world of julionib mod called GTA 5 developer. Marvel universe is now determined to get into the world of GTA 5. Thanos julionib worked on the game with the new mod is added. The shortage of the people of Los Santos, the problem doesn’t stop. Thanos who is determined to get to the bottom of Los Santos, a laser attack , making the portal open, and download meteor from the sky, Yes, Meteor such as features. In a single leap that can jump quite high with thanos to blow up the cars in a single stroke looks pretty fun. Thanos mode of GTA 5 still in the infant stages.

You can browse the images below you tore thanos Los Santo.