DayZ developer: players we didn’t we take the money and run


In the last few years from being released on his own split and as a game mod DayZearly access for a long time after the end of the period has entered the beta phase. But for years while is not going to fix the game, developers, battle Royale became interested in type when the game bounces back. In response to claims that players took money and ran themselves about their interviews with the foreign press, some of the discourses found. In an interview, who they are definitely the players money just grab it and run DayZ developers working on the game all the time that they are underlined. But over the years developers early access update that confronts players with almost because they have been through the process say they are happy.

DayZ developers made a statement against the confession that is thrown at them

They make plans about what they can do in the later stages more developers to DayZclick to see more are looking for ways to improve. PC‘s then the producer who said they wanted to remove the Game Console platforms, the team did not specify when the game will be output to the console. They said that you have completed the game but the developers in the sense of optimization.

Let’s DayZ, PUBG , and Fortnite‘s face, how will exhibit a performance? Together we will see.