Dawn is working on a new game from the makers of horizon zero?


PlayStation 4‘The specially developed e Horizon Zero, Dawn , and before Killzone series, our witness from guerrilla games working on a new game could be.

Guerrilla games working on a new game could be

Zero exclusively for the PlayStation 4, Horizon, Dawn, is very loved by a certain player, a cut also, the game thought it was very overrated. Regardless, dawn, horizon zero, achieved sales success, with the production company guerrilla games and Sony‘s face was quite satisfying. Zero Horizon dawn, a game that is exclusive to the PlayStation 4 console platform for 7.5 million copies, with the number of sales of a highly successful business signing with threw. Recently a job posting that is opened by guerrilla Games, the developer gave a hint about the company working on a new game. Guerrilla games announced that the open job is looking for script writers. The author is standard for a AAA game dialogue writing ability, action role-playing games are able to take part in the mission and side mission, searching for the properties of being capable to write dialogues. According to the information we received from this job posting, we can say that guerrilla games is preparing the construction of a new game at.