Dark souls, unite with the LEGO world if so, how would that look


Dark atmosphere, challenging gameplay dynamics who created the type of game, literally, with their Soulsgames favorite games dark souls, LEGO Worlds‘e adopted, and if so, how the game would look. Gamers who are looking for the answer to this question, the universe recreated with lego worlds game dark souls.

The worlds of LEGO universe dark souls is adopted to attend, what happens?

Dark souls is a game that has inspired many players from the day. Created dark, gloomy atmosphere, compelling, and quite cruel world, is taking some getting used to, but after getting used to it is one of the games favorite of many players with addictive martial dynamics. Dark Souls after release, the game is a game that was an inspiration for many. Well, one of them LEGO Worlds how about if I told. The theme may be dark and gloomy combined with the dark souls worlds of the far end of the darkness for the LEGO games that is very cute , we can say. Judging by the resulting video, pretty good work you did it looks like. Mythcraft LEGO universe the game has created a user named dark souls, it may not look too dark, it looks pretty good fighting mechanics and space designs.