Dark souls Remastered PS4 Pro on what resolution will work?


FromSoftware‘s popular game dark souls Remastered, May 25, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be, I predict. Dark souls throws the dynamics of dark and challenging gameplay that created a renewed version of yourself with a loyal fan base, Nintendo Switch the release date was postponed to next summer.

Remastered the release date of dark souls, has been postponed to switch

Dark souls Remastered will run at 3200×1800 resolution in a PS4

Dark souls remastered nearing the exit, we continue to receive reports about the game. The topic of the month dark souls, which remastered Edge according to the information Shared in the magazine, game Pro PlayStation 4 version, 3200×1800 resolution fixed at 60 fps will be stated. Game Xbox the One X version, what resolution and fps will run with a rate where it is not yet known.
Remastered in dark souls it won’t support HDR. However, in the game, a good texture filter . Bandai Namco producer Matsuo Yoshimura; by using the latest equipment, to recreate the atmosphere and feeling of the original game that created the game, only the targets that were indicated. The use of the HDR of the game instead of focusing on what they want to accomplish to improve their own image of the game explained that they prefer.