Crying is not enough steam to work a horror game coming on June 8


The storyline Team , developed and to be published by the third-person perspective horror game Crying is not enoughon June 8 Steam takes place on the platform.

PS4 and Xbox One the game of the year for the third quarter will come in

Since February 2013 the team storyline a horror game which is being developed by the crying that is not enough, on 8 June, will be released on Steam. The developer of the game to PS4 and Xbox One in the third quarter of the year indicated that it would take place in the market. A promotional video about the game shared.

35-year-old Jacob Administration named character in the story of the game, which is the need to contain armed conflicts in detail the definition of a horror game combines action and adventure with a different story. The story of Jacob’s wife, Claire begins falling to the hospital after a car accident. Recovering quickly , Claire suddenly disappears in the hospital. In order to find his wife while wandering the corridors of the hospital with Jacob, you are faced with unexpected events. Now you must solve puzzles in order to solve the mystery and survive the encounters.

On June 8 Steam below you will find a promotional video on the game that will replace it.