Contacts: Which VR (virtual reality) Glasses should I buy?


VR (virtual reality) glasses getting more and more popular. We said,”What should I pay attention to when buying Glasses virtual reality?” we have put all the details so that you can give an answer to the question. one of the most important reasons for use of vast area. You follow your headset that you use on the moon if you want to connect to have been introduced at the movie theater to watch movies, if you want to watch the Apollo Moon Landing. Virtual reality games for the returns even more. Bethesda’s popular game the VR version of Doom, you can go hunting to get the creature you aim with the controller. Of course, at this point the level of fear is through the roof. Suddenly, a creature that can attack from behind can lead you to place yourself. When this is the case, many companies developed their own products. And these virtual reality glasses which is best for you? In order to decide this, first you need to determine your needs accurately. In this article the main features of the device, you should purchase the device by showing the advantages and disadvantages which we will try to help. Of course, Merlin’s boiler priority as our content-oriented game, because it is this look we’re here. Because VR applications from the health sector, a wide place in education, although since we do not have enough information about it, we may not be able to provide clear information in this field.

What should I watch for while taking the VR goggles?

As noted above, the primary purpose is supposed to be the first step to determine. However, because the issue is still a very new VR devices, the content to move the priority of our benefit. On the Distributor there are two companies in our country. One of them is giving away your device for the Sony Playstation VR. The other Samsung Gear VR is available in the store with the product. HTC vivo is not yet officially sold in our country’s product although will be sold in the near term. Acer also VR is the product. However, it is not officially for sale yet. In the next period will come it’s a pity we don’t have information about whether. In addition to these, also Oculus Rift will be under the lens. However, we are not included in our review of LG’s VR 360 products. Because we would not be able to test.


The first VR device HTC the Mobile World Congress in 2016 we face in vivo, that offers the best experience ever in those virtual reality goggles. During this time, our country although they are not officially for sale yet this year 3. the quarter will come in. Pro and the HTC Vive will be two different models sold in the country. VR requires a powerful system like the PlayStation, although the game variety and steam thanks to the support we would prefer to see a spectacle in the first place. Of course, the device also has a controller that allows you to choose quite enjoyable and relaxed dominance is another factor. Now let’s add many accessories that can enhance the product that it was. However, the design of the pro model, like a chump compared to the first version I saw was little when we see that is preferable to the first model. Even despite the price difference between the two, performance and experience, yet differences exist.

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Samsung Gear VR 2017

Samsung’s virtual reality about the way the other company. Yet we expect that device Samsung Exynos, Samsung Galaxy brand provides us with a virtual reality experience using your mobile phone. I have done many software in the market VR in your own Gear. We have mentioned above these other products, professional production, satisfactory in terms of variety and price, and only direct targeting of gamers aren’t. Under the sea swim with dolphins as you can participate in the most challenging of trails rollercoaster could make. You might want to consider taking step two cardboard Google. That comes with the product and Type Control-C/Converter Micro USB to your Samsung phone able to use.

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Oculus Rift

The oculus virtual reality glasses which make them popular again, as it is known, was purchased by Facebook. We probably did not progress as expected. Still developed for this platform, making the number less than a handful of others. Moreover, accessibility is much easier. However, lack of adequate technical support appears as one of the biggest handicaps in our country.

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Playstation VR

One of the most popular devices on the market is the PlayStation VR, has more than 70 Games available for the moment. Game lovers can easily play in 2016, although many of them made at least 20. Among these, Skyrim, doom and there are titles like Gran Turismo. The future of the game considering a lot within the next year, are among the preferable virtual reality glasses. On the other hand must have to be able to use your Pro PS4 PlayStation VR we need to specify that. Also the lack of accessories but unfortunately, the old design compared to the competitors and to be trapped in sufficient quantity to be more severe, you may require to think about when buying for a second time.

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Razer OSVR

First we tested the Razer osvr at the IFA show in 2016. Very different from the HTC Vive oculus or non-glasses, can be seen as an alternative to them. Even if it becomes preferable to be a little more price than their counterparts is not yet suitable for sale. Razer only sell a variety of development kits you can find at sites osvr. Not sure of the release date yet, though. However, considering the quality of the devices produced by Razer in the other segment we have reason to expect.

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Lenovo Explorer

Introduced at CES in 2017, these glasses, “and I’m in VR,” says Lenovo. The product featured in the promotion, especially light saber sword who managed to gather attention with the Samsung Gear VR, as it works with Lenovo mobile phones. Moto z was used in the examples we have seen so far, even though newly released/will be released, we are confident that the models will support. In terms of content, yet we also have an Android-based device because it will have a wide range.

Rehber: Hangi VR (Sanal Gerçeklik) Gözlüğünü almalıyım? A comparison of the specifications of VR devices VR Cihazları Teknik Özellikler Karşılaştırması VR Cihazları Teknik Özellikler Karşılaştırması VR Cihazları Teknik Özellikler Karşılaştırması VR Cihazları Teknik Özellikler Karşılaştırması VR Cihazları Teknik Özellikler Karşılaştırması VR Cihazları Teknik Özellikler Karşılaştırması VR Cihazları Teknik Özellikler Karşılaştırması Oculus Razer Brand Sony HTC Samsung, HTC, vivo, Lenovo osvr VR VR rift release date 2017 hkd2 PlayStation Vivaz Pro gear model Explorer 5.4.2018 1-10-2016 28-3-2016 – – 5.4.2016 4.7.2017 OLED AMOLED OLED Display Technology LED LCD OLED head tracking, location tracking connected to the device Resolution (for each eye) 2880×1600 Hz 90 Hz 120 Hz the refresh rate to 90 960×1080 1080×1200 1080×1200 2560×1440 1440×1600 1440×1440 – 60 Hz 90 Hz 90 Hz viewing angle 110° 100° 110° – 101° 110 110° Processor – – – – – – – Weight – 400 gr gr gr gr gr gr 345 380 380 470 555 Price $879 $399 $599 $399 $199 $599 $349-$449 Tour/the system PC (steam) VR Console PC PC Android PC (Steam VR) dual controller other PC, headset, dual controller dual controller front camera and two receivers – this product is not a VR device, although depending on the phone used a full, controlling and Double differences in performance can show buyers –

DECISION: VR Glasses, Which should I buy?

In the light of this information, such as a VR device and if you have a goal to get a strong system with primary Vive HTC may be your choice. Apart from that-yet the brands and models mentioned to be preferred a little more content, needs to work on product quality and technical support issues. Not enough for PlayStation VR content because it is not, maybe the next console generation can be expected.