Command and conquer legend Mobile is coming!


RTS is one of the most successful representatives of the genre, command and conquer , or C&C hasn’t been for many years for a new game. Apparently the company thought it would be more appropriate to the new mobile game of the series. On the other hand, the game will be available for iOS and Android platforms, competitive real-time strategy comes in the form of.

Tiberium War, command your forces in the process of the game to a Commander you will choose. As you can imagine, each of them will have their own abilities that might affect the style of gameplay. Especially the Brotherhood of Nod leader Kane’i It is quite satisfying to see after a long time. In the Game Your task is to destroy an enemy base. For this missile to lock on and invade the base needs to hold long enough for a missile.

Takes a missile to destroy a base in the game. In this sense, the Mac scheduled to be held long. By choosing different combinations rivals , soldiers, tanks, aircraft and high-tech giant creaturesfrom an army of you can install.

Command and conquer with the rivals mobile game for pre register students who they unit the Titan, Diamonds and Loans includes the early bird registration package (early bird Bundle) to take advantage of will be able to. As you can see from the contents of this package to become more powerful in the game, in-app purchases with real money and diamonds you will be able to get a loan. Android users-registration after pre game alpha versionwill have acquired the ability to trial nu. The game release date has not yet been announced.

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