Coming World War 3 new war game from the makers of Painkiller


And even Get Painkiller: hell & damnation game, known for the farm 51 World War 3 new information about new games, has shared new screenshots and an announcement video. World War 3 will come to Steam in the fall of 2018.

The new game from the makers of painkiller comes World War 3

If the Third World War could be conducted with sticks and stones, the farm 51, the game sticks and stones in World War 3 Third World War is more than tanks and guns it looks like you might use. World War 3 is multiplayer – focused, about a possible war in the future, first-person perspective war game that is played. World War 3: The team emphasized that the game would be pretty important. Inspired by World War 3 the real war tactical and technical strategies can be applied. There will be different game modes in the game. One of them also needed to be team players, which makes hostage rescue mode. Realistic camouflage of World War 3 who want to offer a gameplay experience, weapons and equipment could be developed. Maps inspired by real places was to create specified that, in the video below you can browse the screenshots and announcement of World War 3.