Codemasters racing game, the Open Beta will be held for Onrush


Racing games in simulation genre with his players that collects at the discretion of Codemasters‘newest racing game Onrush Open Beta will be held. 17 May at 16.00, start at Open Beta, May 21, at 12: 00ends

Codemasters new racing game, Open Beta will be held for Onrush

Onrush the PlayStation Storeto pre-order into early access to the Open Beta players who will be able to get more than the other players. Pre-order the Open Beta to users who on 15 May will be able to access on. F1 and dirt games, Codemasters familiar with, the more simulation type racing games with a known firm. Codemasters, with Onrush and fun arcade gameplay experience he wants to deliver. Onrush with the various features of vehicle classes, with the race to finish first to finish first seems to provide much more objective than having the race of your opponent. In the game, the Blade, Outlaw, vortex, charger, interceptor, the Dynamo, the Titan, the enforcer will be 8 including the main class. The unique features of each class of vehicles to be found in the game, the team holds a very important place in the game. In the Open Beta Blade, Vortex and Interceptor titan tools will be available.