Codemasters new racing game, I played the Open Beta for onrush


Simulation with the players garnering the admiration of racing games, Codemasters, racing game the simulation that identifies with herself kind of a bit out arcade racing game, is working on onrush. Familiar F1 and the dirt series from Codemasters, racing games experience, onrush transmits an arcade racing game.

The Open Beta of onrush what does it look like?

Onrush as of the last day of Open Beta players are offered. On May 17,which started on Open Beta, 21 May hours 12.00 noonwill end at. In the game ‘s eight vehicle classes. These Are; The Blade, Outlaw, Vortex, Charger, Interceptor, The Dynamo, The Titan, The Enforcer . However, just a blade in the Open Beta, and Titan class tools vortex interceptor can be used. Fun racing game promising onrush experience in different properties of each Vehicle class. In the game, the Codemasters team is a very important part of the game, indicating that, let’s get a response from players with this style of his can’t change. June 5′, PlayStation , and Xbox One Open Beta for onrush output which will, as a team we also deneyimledik merli boiler. Onrush promised fun, cherish the moments that we have tested. Onrush you can watch our video we played the Open Beta from the following link.