Classic FPS game blood the weapon of the plugin is updated


Doom, Wolfenstein, Duke Nukem 3D and Quake like games are a common feature. All of the 1990‘s in and out, solid FPS games as they are known. Each name is forgotten, although there is blood between them. This “cute” FPS game, first it’s made with the doom engine. With the state of the ‘ 90s the air can easily be understood. Old games, maps and weapons add-ins this time a new weapon pack for the mod community who likes to do the game by removing blood managed to make a little bit different.

Full blood is added to 22 new weapons different from each other

The mod maker is “Dressing”, Blood, Weapons, game Mod version 4.0 6 pieces total of weapons and new weapons added to the number 22was moved to. Within them an electric pitchfork, machine guns, dynamite, gun shadow and flame adds to the library of different weapons in the game like a spray gun. Of course, you don’t necessarily need to copy the original for you to try out the mode. From there you just move the files to the folder where the game board will be enough. Files with itself and the mode ModDB page can be accessed.

Klasik FPS oyunu Blood'a ait silah eklentisi güncellendi

Klasik FPS oyunu Blood'a ait silah eklentisi güncellendi