Cities: skylines came from the pack promotional video for parklife additional


Colossal order developed by paradox interactive published by the city building game Cities: skylines from parklife to the additional a new video for the package came. As you know, recently was the announcement of the additional package. Today the video from the package what it contains additional and the gameplay video we see.

Will beautify city improve your

As you know, in the game you can expand your city by building roads and buildings. At the same time, many of the people you need to meet the needs of the city. For example, people in the city to relieve traffic and public transport, you can add to make it more easily accessible. Also by studying the people of the city, they can work in offices and shops. Works while improving the proportions of the tourist rate raises People’s happiness.

Before the game was added to the contents in order to facilitate gameplay. The new content update, players amusement parks, nature conservation areas, City Parks, and zoos in the name of beautifying the city by creating a new park will be able to use the features. Existing parking and guided tours of some of the tools in the following video some features, such as planning the route we can see.

Finally, Life Park Additional package will be published on 25 May.