CHP Youth arms of La Casa de ad bucks from send


Who broke viewing records, especially in our country and the European Region successful series La Casa de Papel, affected all segments looks like. This is done because the new ad after the movie, youth in CHP‘s, we can say that you love the show too. CHP youth, ad bucks in a nurturing way in the movie La Casa de ours”, Tokyo-Rio with love fought with the motto ‘ our country made to the people of the provinces of muharram thin, presidential candidate put on a mask. Low-budget after social media received a great response from this commercial CHP youth. Currently slightly the response received on Twitter you can see at the bottom of share.

Send La Casa de Bucks advertising work from the CHP

Ours Tokyo-Rio with love fought ??#joy @the Regent by

CHP youth (@GM CHP youth) 28 May 2018

Previously, if Netflix, our country has a special commercial sign it and he did he threw a beautiful job. However, the former Ankara Mayor melih, that can be misunderstood part of this ad and a possible coup had attracted attention. Used in advertising Ciao Bella which cause reactions in our country, for the song La Casa de Papel, let’s see, where else will turn into more advertising material?