Cheaters pubg million dollar lawsuit!


Again by Chinese security forces the past day of tricks and 15 more captured. This time the dimensions of the case against people yaklanan really intimidating. PUBG Corp. the sale of illegal cheating, because im full 6.24 million-dollar lawsuit.

Speaking on behalf of the company, Ryan Rigney said:

On April 25, which is held in the arrest of the events affecting them pubg cheat and hack tool post and the people who sold to other players covers. Moreover, some cheating programs opened in through the back door, the hackers of the players they’re collecting data. If cheating, if you use only may not be the thing you’re afraid of having banned from the game. The subject of these programs all your personal data and accessing it’s hurting you.”

Event cheat in the game than we thought much more serious consequences seems to have.

:: What do you guys think about this?

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