CEM yılmaz 2 will be announced whether in Organized Crime


One of the most successful films of Turkish cinema, which is shown as organized crime, the film continuation of the future in recent months was announced. The film’s producer and Director yılmaz erdoğan was described by her fans happy after this information. Yilmaz Erdogan stated that the movie begins after the election, still he’s too busy to be in the movie. Yilmaz Erdogan, in the first film Demet Akbag and Ata Demirer CEM yılmaz had announced that he would also be in the film with.

2 Morgan Freeman will be organising things in the movie?

However, it’s not clear of the situation and later met with CEM Yilmaz said in a statement. Today, however, Yilmaz Erdogan, wondering if that answered the question. According to the information provided, CEM Yilmaz, unfortunately, the new movie won’t be. In addition, CEM Yilmaz, Yilmaz Erdogan next, şahan gökbakarsaid he couldn’t sell it to click.

But Yilmaz Erdogan earlier kivanc tatlitug Bensu Soral, ezgi Mola and Demet Evgar‘s staff has announced that is on. So, still with a strong cast the film would be in front of an audience I can say that. Pleased that has a large fan base in the film to portray one of tatlitug of a cockfighter.