Candy King make the new call of Duty game in the firm crush


An emerging business ad that showed Activision on the one hand, Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 on the other hand, while working diligently on another new call of Duty game seems to be more of. But this is the new call of Duty game, mobile platforms are being developed. From the top to the bottom of the mobile platform that is Candy Crush Saga‘s company producer King, is working on a mobile game Call Of Duty.

The company is working on Call Of Duty crush producer Candy Mobile

Mobile platforms, which dominated a period of the game, the producer crush Candy company, King, the job ad is open, a chapter of a designer, announced that they were looking for. Popup ad for “Call Of Duty experience and we intend to move to the mobile platform.” Call Of Duty mobile game new it was announced that they are working on. At the same time tool designer, network Engineer at King you’re looking for firm for recruitment tasks. Apparently the producer firm crush Candy King keeps things pretty tight when we were developing Call Of Duty mobile. Let’s see if this announcement after an official statement from the parties?