Can you guess who is singing with anime mask?


Song Contest seen by millions in South Korea, the king of Mask Singer‘this week there was an incident quite interesting. Every week, the masked singers sang, and this time the producers of the contest, as determined by the mask Deadpool‘actor Ryan Reynolds attended. 2 Deadpool‘s ads for the veteran actor in South Korea, after the song is finished, the entire audience is surprised. Under the mask everyone was waiting for a normal contestant. From deadpool under the mask but when the contestants also went crazy. Worldwide advertising 2 very little time left out of the movie with the producers of Deadpool ongoing efforts in this regard, we can say that successful businesses have signed.

The audience at the song contest held in South Korea surprised that it was a big surprise

Deadpool 2‘S that will make your audience extremely satisfied with it is difficult to say. Thanks to adult shoots and the scenario yourself different than other superhero films Deadpool series, let’s successful at the box office probably will be successful. Scenario Cable a special team to fight against the villain named deadpool Quran, I can say that would get through hilarious adventures from each other again.