Campo Santo has still not fully connected to the valve


Campo Santo is joined to the producer of valve in recent months firewatch mentioned that. Of course, this situation everyone “Valve is working on a new game.” effect created. At the same time this situation from Campo Santo , a new game, it will be your thoughts , too spread out. But according to published information from the Campo Santo, we have received information that they are working on new games.

Continue to work on unity…

Are added from each valve to the engine; Campo Santo, Unity will continue to focus on. As expected, new games, valley of the gods, also Unity will be based. Rock, paper, Shotgun in an interview with the studio as both alternative options unity that is easily accessible and the Source Enginehave stated that they have seamless access to. So, one of the engines that will be able to use the studio wanted two game.

The game engine and not only material, although they are going to have helps you when you have a valve employee in this way, the game that they will make this topic with those who are knowledgeable about a better quality of a step. can be readily familiar to the players and productions that will be presented. Producer about which valve to Campo Santo that will help still remains a mystery.