Came across a video that introduces the system according to Champions from Quake


id Software and developed by Bethesda Softworks published by First-Person Shooter Game Quake Champions’tan, that will come into play a new Task came across a video that introduces the system.

More blood and more particle

Upcoming According to the system, gamers will be able to rip apart their opponents. By to game the system brings more violence and blood. What this means is that developers Quake Champions in a game more than 20 years ago, published in the quake competition of the basics of the game and those who trying to bring back the fast paced crazy.

Premier developers Quake, quake III Arena and multi-player in the quake games and the first based on the struggle for the US obtained by adding the mixture of dark mythology, a modern Quake SmackDown experience. Each of the warriors in the game, allows players to compete with their own unique style, while at the same time, the unique features and capabilities of different strategy of making players still in the game experience. In this way, the Quake , the legend of the essence than the future in conjunction with new system one of important strategic steps in terms of protection.

Below you will find a video that introduces the system according to.