Call Of Duty series, leaving aside the steam platform?


The best-selling video game of the world game and FPS which the series is Call Of Duty developers currently fourth in the Black Ops game is working on it. Who is the publisher of the series Activision, series launching the game through Steam for years. However, you can claim out a new, call of Duty: Black Ops 4‘S that would have been introduced to the market over. Destiny 2Click distributor over to the market, probably new game will release on their platform.

Black Ops 4, can be published through

Call of Duty serisi, Steam platformunu bir kenara mı bırakıyor?

Already Steam, each game sold itself to the beginning of the profit taking for the big distributors had lost interest. For this reason, Ubisoft and EA Gamesfrom steam or Activision then can leave. Another visual that arose on the other hand, uses PC players came from. Players Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4‘U pre-orders offer it is not yet clear whether this image is correct.

But when you get the results, our Activision‘s definitely Steamhas put aside its own platform and click click would prefer to say that it is not.