Call of Duty Infinite Warfare


Call of Duty: Endless War for PC / Windows Another installment of Call of Duty. This time, the game was developed by the franchise parents of Infinity Ward studio. For the first time, the developer (installments created by the same studio, published in the previous two years) could continue to work for three years. The game officially confirmed May 2, 2016, along with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Call of Duty: Endless War for PC / Windows takes players in a whole new game world, introduces them to a new character set. To start conquering the solar system together, certain countries have formed the United Nations Space Alliance. Unfortunately, a part of humanity builds an organization against Settlement Defense Front, which started a major war against UNSAFE – against international cooperation. Player Tier 1 assumes that the role of Captain Reyes in Special Mission task – is a pilot. Hero leader onboard Retribution – a powerful war ship. Along with the team, SDF have to stop forces.

Out of the new game world, Call of Duty: Endless War for PC / Windows brings different changes for the game itself. Obviously, the game maintains a spectacular first-person shooter formula, but as you work separately and shoot as usual, the player puts you in control of a battle plane to join the fierce air wars. Vengeance Warfare Operation Player’s base – the player chooses the next story missions or settings for raids on the enemy. Importantly, the game player is designed in such a way that a game component can make a smooth transition, without having to wait very often on loading screens.
Game modes

The story is not everything that the campaign is playing. Apart from that, the game has both multiplayer and zombie modes. The latter creates experience with a different genre, its own story and unique game elements.


2016 Call of Duty

One of the most popular FPS series of all time is another installment. Once again, the battle game is your future, but the player is even drawn to the world of your deeper future. The game tells a story of a fictional conflict between the international alliance of the United Nations Space Alliance and the Civil Defense Front – the second stands. The role of Captain Reyes, who serves the player Tier 1 Special Operations – takes a pilot. Crew battle ship on board With the strike, the SDF is trying to stop the forces. This installment is a different time slot among the lucrative things – the player who brings many changes to the introduction. The Jackal battlefield pilots are participating in their duties as a whole new kind of severe air wars, such as futuristic weapons and vehicles. Obviously, the story is extensive with a multiplayer campaign and is complemented with Zombie mode as usual.



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