Bungie Chinese gaming company to $ 100 million investment


Last Friday, the day Destiny and the Halo series is familiar from a game developer Bungee, Chinese game company Tease announced that it has entered into a partnership with a company. Under the agreement, bungee, Chinese game company with a minority stake netease to give you a place on the Board of Directors, and in return the company from a $ 100 million investment will receive.

Huge Chinese investment in the gaming company Bungie

In the past with the Halo series developed for Xbox and PC gaming brand, which has given to the world a pretty important Bungee, PlayStation 4 , and later released for the PC, Destiny is known from the series. Last Friday on the day of the bungee, Chinese game company, announced their partnership with netease. Partnership agreements within a 100 million dollar investment which will be Bungie this money will use for it was stated that the worldwide growth of the company. Bungie said in a statement netease investment firm, stated that it would provide the opportunity to explore new destinations. Of this Agreement, Activisionwon affect was placed with the partnership agreement. Let’s see if this investment will contribute on how to Bungie which can be considered fairly large.

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