Building a PC Inupiaq, in the first month sold more than expected


2016 in the year of the appears on a site called Inupiaq building a PC, got the attention of most independent game lovers. As the name suggests, this independent game, which is based on your PC only to most of you, the brand, safe and providing assistance, while at the same time IT can work. So, you do business with a lot of help from. In this way, the gameplay just goes further to your PC.

The sales figures for an independent game pretty high

In recent months in the Steam early access‘e added PC Inupiaq Building, officially began to be offered for sale, and had attracted the attention of active players on steam. Who still continue to be sold in this cute simulation game in a month, nearly 100,000 copies managed to sell. Producer the irregular Corporation is very pleased with this situation.

The original construction of the brands sponsorship, tens of thousands of your own market and has the option of setting up a Virtual PC. Loved by everyone, here you can find the steam page if you want to try this game. According to the producer, VR support and water-cooled systems, also building a PC soon will be added to the simulator.