Buff the hegemony of micro payments that we’re in the video games


Age – thirty upcoming, or if you are an older player, when you look back the old one in fact, video you will see how your gaming habits have changed. Nowadays easier than before and less fatiguing gameplay mechanics that the human brain is one of the puzzle games, in this way, like crazy in a day can be consumed. Within just days of the game you’re looking forward to for years, given that may be the best example that can be dropped from the agenda. Currently, social media, etc. time flows fast due to the factors because, unfortunately, presented in front of us, at the same rate each item consume, we are bound to.

Otherwise, we are faced with the threat of exclusion from society and therefore our skills or socialization can be taken out of our hands. For example, any Avengers movie, or you don’t follow the first week of its release (spoilers spoil the surprise you are a victim of, or any of your friends to watch and socialize the first day the movie came out in a simple manner can be excluded from your environment. Which is a concept that is Foreign to our culture “hype” words of this rapid consumption, the culture of, you guessed it, is also damaging to Video Games for many years. So that could be buried for hundreds of hours of RPG games, I am surprised to see players who can only finish it in 2 or 3 days.

Micro payments, come to the games?

Around us on the internet and EA Games, Ubisoft or Konami never listened to the players of companies like that could be considered as empty words we hear all the time below. In fact, these firms, unlike other firms, to continue their life as a company that listens to most of the players. However, this is because she tried to appeal to a large segment of players they produce the major manufacturers in the games, if that’s what most of the players want to turn to him. I’m not defending those firms that are dirty criminal records here, do not get me wrong. You could say I’m just summing up the situation. But both the distributor and the developer that each of these great companies conscious consumer from each of the front instead of players who are content to consume the players listened well, they don’t trust communities.

Tutkunu olduğumuz video oyunlarda mikro ödemelerin hegemonyası

AAA game development costs, given the main focus we understand that firms put money. No investor, except for the construction process of the advertising budget of $ 50 million in the market of an upcoming game he wants you to fail. For this reason, each investor and the manager of the company, invested money and is trying to get your winnings from the game in the first place. In these circumstances, naturally adorned with micro payments games. Personally EA Games this game first when developing a game would sell, and micro-payments plan to clamp the parts in which I think that has been going on.

This kind of firms when you hit the road with the plans of the game micro-payments and pay him drowning unfortunately attracts players. Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Shadow of Mordor, games like productions of the past year may be the biggest example. However, micro payments who is the victim of the biggest game of FIFA doesn’t care why anyone is on it is also clear that not. It is very difficult to progress without a card pack for ultimate team FIFA latest NBA 2K game, so it is permissible if the players robbed similar to mobile games.

But the feelings of the players benefiting from Competitive games instead of last year’s Star Wars Battlefront 2’the announcement surprised most players as scapegoats. On the other hand, the noise of critics who make foreign criticising FIFA frenzy of consumption and therefore of hype to produce content, we can say that culture are stricken. In the final analysis, to satisfy critics who holistic and followers and virtual games and I think they’re trying to see every way a tribute. But that’s the issue right now to criticize the critics, because it is not irdeleriz this part in another article.

Micro-payments are currently largely an inevitable truth that will lead the video game world. If you change the style of the games marketing unless you need to underline that this system would change. At this point Microsoft’flour and EA Games’players is necessary to payment plans that are offered to browse. And the game is $ 60 odettiren money, micro payments, much of the value of the game developers referring to the players, unlike a game Pass or EA Access, in a way, of the players comes to the rescue. Eminent productions without paying any other charges for a small fee we bury our monthly hours to be able to play, pretty good marketing policy.

Tutkunu olduğumuz video oyunlarda mikro ödemelerin hegemonyası

If all games are this way if he tries to distributors marketing besides all this, that it should not be forgotten that it would upset the players. Each distributor in the month of $ 10 each we paid, assuming the end of the month our pockets at the front we can see the amount that’s going to be loaded again. One solution to this more general appeal distributors (Sony, valve, Microsoft, Nintendo) clerk to implement the system much more beautiful and relevant to its other distributors a user-friendly system leads to the emergence of.

The standard time $ 49 in the game prices, costs, therefore, for $ 60 was taken. For the same reason game prices again in the future 70 or $ 80 can the standard be withdrawn. But then maybe micro payments, even if the games of sabotage can be prevented.

Sabotage in the style of the players in this part of the costume, just the content, i.e., the gameplay of the game micro payments without any intervention and you need to keep separate. With the money I’d personally support this type of content being sold. In Competitive games, because each player deserves to feel special himself. We value that can’t be won back our time that we spend playing video games is a luxury in itself, there’s no denying that the luxury of such micro it makes players happy.