Borderlands 2 was free on steam this weekend


Gearbox software by Unreal Engine graphics engine developed, Borderlands 2weekend on steam it was free on.

Vault Hunters, Handsome Jack is confronted by

For those who want to play again and the ones you haven’t tried it yet, Borderlands 2Free this weekend on steam was accessible. Gearbox software and 2K that is in the market place in 2012 in cooperation with Borderlands 2, the vault Hunters team known as the psychotic, who has a brain the evil handsome jack located on the side of His creatures and about the struggle against. Pandora in Borderlands 2 new environments, new enemies, and various manufactured grenades and class modes have a system that allows more seamless.

Four different characters each with different characteristics which can be moving with in-game level advances, opens up new and different skills to use. Thanks to this system, that will make easier the gameplay of different combinations can be made.

Borderlands 2 now on Steam for the weekend can be accessed free of charge on. In the meantime, for those who purchase the game on May 29until a 75% discount.