Borderlands 2 free weekend!


Gearbox developed by open world FPS game Borderlands 2, May 25 – 28 May between the dates can be played for free through steam. At the same time again 29 May till date 75 per cent in the rate of the discount is also waiting for the players. Also, bringing a friend with Lotto boxes can share.

Normally these discounts together with 31 TL price, TL 7.75 anfalls. £ 89 priced Borderlands 2 – 4 Pack if 22,25 TL may be purchased at the price. Borderlands 2 game of the year if you want to buy also, 59 TL instead of TL 12,98 will pay.

In the game, Maxthon, Salvador, Maya and Zero, each one with special abilities by the name of 4 different characters . By choosing one of these characters, we have to give a tough fight with creatures and enemies in the environment.

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Borderlands 2 Review

Finally, the spring season has arrived players. At the end of the game for a long time the open house was deluged with the game. This is one of the most ambitious games Borderlands 2 players that was captured in the rain. How much raised the bar with groundbreaking the first game let you do this.Our train at the beginning of the game are having accidents. Actually, it’s not like an accident. Our vault Hunter falls into a trap and the train explodes. After this incident …

In the game weapons / items from the variety of mind-the kind that will get you from the start. Each of them enables you to get a different experience from the game. In the game RPG elements adds color to the gameplay.

Borderlands 2 Steam page here you can get immediate access by clicking.

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