Bongiovi advanced players and headphones from sades acoustics


The player who entered the Turkish market in recent months equipment manufacturer SADES, each level stands out and the player has released in accordance with needs and with headphones. Bongiovi acoustics audio headphones Realtek and the upper segment as important to technology developers working in conjunction with SADES’s flagship models that are sold in Turkey Spellbound Pro and Pro Knight’s striking features we have compiled for you lovers of the game.

SADES pro with all the sounds feel Spellond

SADES’s player headset for professionals Pro Spellbound, the world-famous headset is used by professional players and top level player has all the features wanted in a custom product. Pro SADES Spellondunique angular design and with high quality material, visually easily separated from the other brands and models. SADES, Spellbound in the model, technology specialist audio Bongiovi Acoustics worked with. Bongiovi AcousticsDPS technology that provides, allows you to feel the depth of all the tones in the game.

Spellbound SADES Pro other main features are:

– Different modes for single player and multiplayer

– Ergonomic use

– Strong vibration feedback

– BREAST microphone

As one of the top two headphones of the brand, it’s a model that meets all the needs of spellbound Pro, but it’s not your option, Pro SADES Knight will also be of interest to you.

With strong design and superior sound technology, Pro SADES Knight

SADES’s produced using the latest technologies and the flagship model Pro SADES Knight, good design, superior sound technology and player who managed to present it in a perfect way between the convenience of a professional headset. The preferred gamer world famous Pro SADES Knight also Bongiovi Acoustics’DPS technology s is using the audio. Please just like other top models, headphones in single player and multiplayer modes, is an ideal choice for those looking for the best gaming experience.

Pro SADES Knight other features include:

– Memory foam pillows

– Noise Cancelling microphone

– Easy to use buttons over cable

– LED light design

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