Bloodstained: curse of the moon will be available soon


Konami’s “valuable” and “very important” series of Castlevania, it’s pretty slow at the moment. A structure that draws People’s attention for a long time to be with Konami’s Castlevania is even with the care in this case. Of course when this is the case the only option is going to take a look at your old games. Recently out Bloodstained: curse of the moon, Metroidvania type may attract your attention if you love.

Simon, but four!

Custom classic Castlevania whip, and just shot our guns were found, and in the face of some challenges we were supposed to start the game again. But Inti Creates is named the producer, they will make second that Bloodstained Old the attention of gamers with the game, both Konami’s doing what he has done now. Bloodstained: curse of the moon, will be released soon, with a real retro 8bit graphics game. We play at NES Castlevania II with the construction which has the same graphics, however doesn’t stay, and it offers us four separate characters. Able to easily switch between these characters is the desired character according to the situation and we are able to use. In our opinion, this metroidvania type of game really is one that can save the movie again it seems.

24 May on a lovely for those who are helping build the game in person, the code will be distributed. You can access the steam page here if you want to be knowledgeable about the game, or creates published by Inti, you can watch the trailer for the game below. Bloodstained: curse of the moon, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Nintendo 3DS, PSVita , and PC will soon be available for.