Blizzard said it would overwatch more pure characters


Blizzard Entertainment developed by Overwatch, continues to maintain its popularity among the players.Of course, eyes constantly on the game because the game content becomes mandatory renewal. Overwatch as you know recently we see the introduction of several hybrid character. As an example, which is included in the game lately and character Brigitte can be shown. However, Blizzardsaid in the future we’d see more pure characters.

The various heroes in the future we’ll see

Overwatch one of the leading designers, Geoff Goodman , in an interview with the last character, despite the team’s only hybrid that does not focus on the characters stated. Stating that they want to have players that want to play a very different character designer, it sometimes Brigitte, in zenyat and Roadhog like hybrid heroes sometimes Mercy, Reinhardt or McCree could mean that more heroes like pure said. After that, we’ll see more pure characters and hybrid added.

In past times, Symmetra support with the renovation of the character from being a hero, the hero is transformed into the information that it was of Defense. Goodman on this subject, updated some of the characters in the game, too, stated that should be updated. As an example, indicating that the only support character to heal Symmetra Goodman, to find a place on the team of six in order for to be able to undertake the role of support or defense of it would be a good idea to have in the role, he added.