Blizzard, Overwatch explained what he thinks about the project 2


Competitive FPS , which is one of the best examples of the genre, Overwatch, 2016 after taking the number of players in the game of the Year Awards has raised a great deal. Thanks to a variety of events, trying to please the players of Blizzard, spoke about the rumors circulating through the second game of overwatch. Who is the producer of overwatch Matthew Hawley, in an interview to the foreign press Overwatch 2 , such as a project that is not stated on the agenda.

Blizzard spoke about overwatch 2

Currently spend the time to develop the content of the game, indicating that Hawleyoften according to the wishes of the communities will draw a road map. Blizzard‘s pretty good, I can say that you made a decision on this subject. Launch the game online completely, because a game with a competitive nature, I suggest we divide the players. This decision for Blizzard in any way so the community who don’t want to interrupt the players happy.

If the company has such a purpose if there had been rumors circulating through in the past 2 World Of Warcraftclick it could take to market. When we got to the end, Blizzard can take the overwatch let us underline that as far as it goes. Let’s see if the players will get bored when overwatch?