Blizzard, mercy started collecting donations with pink costume


At the moment the most activity and live broadcasts over the internet, as a fundraiser is returning. These activities are usually very sick or disabled individuals are met in a positive way and those who made donations of money are a lot of. Blizzard, fight with breast cancer, “breast cancer Research Foundation in partnership with he came up with a way that is respected.

You could say it’s up to you whether it was worth it.

Overwatch of the team needed the most popular and one of the characters in Mercy in the name of a costume, a few days ago overwatch has been added. This costume which is Pink, $ 15 worth. We know, it’s too expensive for a costume, but as mentioned, Blizzard agreed with bcrf and will provide assistance as much as you can with this costume. Published at the same time all the proceeds will be donated to the foundation of the costume, so the team won or overwatch Blizzard developer working on to earn money from it. 8 and May 21 in the video below you can see which costume will be found in sales between dates.