Blizzard also announced that Hamilton Chu has left the company


EmbroideringBlizzard’dan’s announcement a short time after everyone’s departure again after Hearthstone’s producers, one of which is Hamilton Chu also Embroidering‘s following steps Blizzardhas resigned from. Hamilton Cho, brode shared this announcement on the last day in the Office.

Hamilton Chu also fall in Hearthstone left from Blizzard

Description, EmbroideringTwitterBlizzardstating that the last day in a Twitter drawing to “Strange, I also have my last day!” with write was performed. Also, Chu, Hamilton‘s twitter description of “doing something new” but apart from that, don’t post no personal since November 2016. Exactly why Blizzard will do what, as yet unknown, or new left in Hamilton Chu.

At the same time in the Blizzard with the separation of the two key Hearthstone name, of course, both cards will run rumors that took. There has been no official comment yet on this, at least brode of Chu it is known that Hamilton also left the company to create something new.

Hamilton Chu, Embroidering wasn’t much to consider, more things in the background Hearthstone was dealing with Hamilton Chu.