Black people, as a response to maltreatment Wakanda


Before moving on to the news you are about to read primarily on-line, if you spoil the surprise (spoilers) let’s forget that. Recently the front of the audience on the big screen, Avengers: Infinity War was highly acclaimed by the great masses. 10-year wait after a magnificent movie with Marvel in front of a fan, the producers of the movie, they are quite satisfied from the return. Most of the movie fans are happy though functioning very well, the course of the story, some fans didn’t satisfy marvel.

The Avengers: Infinity war he didn’t like some of the black people

However, this film is not the players or dissatisfaction, in the case of the presentation of the film sourced from. Some marvel fans in America, Wakandain case of suffering from black people living in the situation where stung. Some fans, not black people, it was sending Chad to die in war or from real life people who live in wakanda, he’s pissed to be isolated by the rest of the world. This is probably the limited fans or they don’t know the story of wakanda (black Panther yet failed to finish watching a movie) or they’re trying to get attention on the internet.

In addition to all these, the war machine or the Falcon – like characters battle in a causative role play, not complaining about that, this is a limited audience, just Scarlett Witch, Black Widow and Captain America white like a great task to say the characters are being performed.

Marvel officials have yet to make a comment about this situation and they didn’t. People who follow the film just for the fun of it wonder how much more he can take of this political discrimination case.