Bethesda rage 2 The Future of the company approves almost


Rage 2 looks like it may come soon. Walmart following the spill, Walmart sales on its website when the page opens 2 rage RageGame Twitter account, screen screenshots, here are several fix was shared by saying.

It looks like rage 2 may be announced soon

Then the leaks Bethesda‘s twitter account shared some interesting visuals. Apparently Bethesda is a little nervous about this leak. Yesterday, new photos were shared from the Twitter account of Bethesda, one of them included a clock tower and Big Big‘s Clock, according to Bethesda may announce something on May 14.

However, the biggest tip, first from Bethesda’s Twitter account to share an image with a character from the game rage with you arrived today. That followed the leak by looking at the posts it looks like we can say that the game is finalized. This year Bethesda E’in 2018, announced that it will make a pretty long presentation, it looks like 2 new games will be announced with rage. An asteroid hitting the earth with rage, almost on the brink of extinction among the last survivors in a world that was an open world game. You can browse through the following link to Bethesda’s Twitter posts.